Laser Tag Chiswick
Laser Tag Chiswick
Important Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any actual lasers used in laser combat (or laser tag as it’s also called)?

No. The ‘guns’ – which we call laser taggers or just taggers – don’t fire projectiles of any sort. They fire harmless infrared signals, just like a television remote control.

How do I know when I have tagged another player?

If you are close enough, you will be able to hear their tagger scream “Argh”. You will also see the sensors momentarily flash. Or you might see them trudging back to the ‘Dead Zone’ after you’re hit has tagged them out!

How do I know when I have been tagged?

You will know you’ve been ‘shot’ – or tagged as we also call it – when your tagger screams “Argh” and the sensors around your neck and on the tagger flash. You will also lose one life (players are given multiple lives at the start of the game). If another player gets very close to tagging you, but is slightly inaccurate, your tagger will shout “warning” – this is your cue to run for it!

How do I know when I am out of the game?

our tagger will scream “Medic, medic. Man down, man down”, your sensors will be on and the screen on the tagger will say “Game Over”. At this point, you head back to the Dead Zone, where you can scroll through the game stats (who hit you, how many rounds you fired, how long you lasted in the game etc).

Is there a barrel on the tagger?

Yes – it is the tube with the glass lens in; the infrared signals are fired from just behind the lens. It is essential that this part of the tagger is not obscured when you shoot, even if you can see your opponent through the scope on your tagger.

Can my tagger run out of ammo?

Yes. Just like the real thing, they hold a different amount of rounds (ammo), and every time you shoot this will decrease. Whenever you are getting low on ammo, you may push the reload button on your tagger to simulate the changing of the tagger’s clip (magazine). When you have used all of your ammo and clips you are unable to shoot any more, and become something of a ‘sitting duck’!

Can I be tagged while I am reloading?

Absolutely, so take care with choosing when to press the reload button! Depending upon the type of tagger you are using, reloading takes anywhere from 3-10 seconds.

Can I shoot through trees/vehicles/barriers etc?

Anything that blocks the line of sight will block the infrared beam of your tagger. With this in mind, you cannot shoot through tree trunks, vehicles (though you might be able to shoot through vehicle windows) or other solid objects. Leaves, on the other hand, only provide partial cover; the easier it is to see through the leaves, the easier it is to hit somebody hiding in them.

Does it hurt when you get tagged?

Absolutely not. Because our guns fire invisible beams of harmless infrared, just like your television remote control would emit, you do not feel any pain when you are tagged. Well, except perhaps to your ego!

Will it damage my eyesight if I get tagged in the eyes by the lasers?

No, absolutely not. Our taggers do not fire actual lasers, but invisible infrared signals. The manufacturers of the infrared emitters used in the taggers state that in recent safety studies carried out in the USA, eye injuries were found to be impossible. Infrared waves from our emitters are low frequency, long wavelength and low energy.

Is there a minimum age limit for players?

For laser tag players we have a minimum recommended age of six. We have had 5 year olds playing providing that they can manage the weight of the taggers. Anyone under 18 must have parent/guardian consent prior to play. Click on the following link for our laser tag waiver form.

Are all games supervised?

Yes, all laser tag games are carefully supervised by our marshals. All marshals are fully trained, and have undergone enhanced checks with the DBS.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Our taggers are water-resistant and as such laser tag can be played in most weather, including light rain, snow and windy conditions. If inclement weather is suspected, we advise players to bring waterproof and/or warm clothing as appropriate (plus a change of clothing), as games will generally continue as normal. However, like most electronic equipment it cannot easily be made totally waterproof, so if heavy rain is forecast and we don’t feel that we can safely run your booking, we will try to contact you in advance to let you know and to avoid you making a wasted journey (hence why we require a telephone number from you when you book). We will offer you the option either to move your booking to another time/date, or to receive a full refund of any money already paid to us. If there is heavy rain, thunder/lightning during your session then we will temporarily stop the game and take shelter until it passes.

Do I need to be fit and healthy to take part in laser tag?

Game play can involve intense physical and mental exertion. ?All players need a reasonable level of fitness, but you certainly don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to give it a go! Many of our less-agile players can play an active role simply by finding a good ‘sniping’ position and shooting at people from afar; remember, our taggers have a range of around 130m (426.5ft)! If you have a medical or mental condition or complaint which you think could endanger your life or well-being, or the life or well-being of any other participant (whether during or after participation in the game), you will need to obtain the permission of your doctor before taking part.?We also ask that you declare to us, in writing, details of any relevant medical information or history that may affect you as you play, or that may be needed in a medical emergency (eg, details of insect sting allergies, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, etc).?The safety and well-being of our players is our number one priority. Minors – anyone under 18 – must have parent/guardian consent prior to play. Click on the following link for our laser tag waiver form.

Can I wear open-toed shoes while playing?

Sandals may be making a fashion comeback, but unfortunately they are not suitable for use during game play. All players must wear sensible shoes with enclosed toes.

What food and drink is available at Arush?

You can bring a cake, drinks and snacks to consume in our picnic area. Our landlord Chiswick Rugby Club can provide hot food. Menu and contact available on the Birthday Parties page.

Will my child be playing with adults?

Customers can check the number and age range of other players on the booking page. If an existing booking has 18+ year old adults, we would not recommend your group of under 10 year olds joining that session! Having said that, we regularly have mixed aged groups and the kids vs adults sessions are always very competitive and good fun!!