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Booking Guidelines


10 is the minimum number of people we need to run a session. If you have less, you will have to join an existing booking. Alternatively, you can make a booking and hope that another group joins you, but there is no guarantee of this and we cannot control who books or when. Please check the website to see if bookings have come in. In the event that no other group(s) joins and you still have less than 10, unfortunately your session will not be able to go ahead.

30 is the maximum number who can play at the same time. We can accommodate more, but we will have to split them into 3 or more teams and rotate them. We’ve had 50 players and it worked well!

Please note that 16 of our 30 guns are equipped with the shock system, so only 16 players can experience it at a time. 

If, after making your booking you wish to add more players, please check availability on the website before inviting more players. If there is space, you can either contact us and we will add them, or make a booking online for the extra spaces. Do not pay for the extras you book. These must be paid for on the day of the party.

You must confirm exact numbers on the Monday before the party. Please make a diary note to do this!!

If you would like exclusive/private use of HQ (i.e. not share your session with another group), you will need to book and pay for all 30. It is important that you book all 30 spaces so that further bookings cannot be made, change the deposit amount and note approximate numbers in the comments box of the booking form. You can have exclusive use even if you have less than 30, but you must book all 30 spaces.


1-9 players pay for the number of players you are booking for i.e. 1 = £25, 2 = £50 etc

10-29 players pay £250 (balance due on the day)

For Exclusive Use (private use for upto 30 players), please enter 30 into Exclusive Use tickets and pay the full amount (£540) on booking.

Please ensure you pay the correct deposit amount. Failure to do so may result in your booking being rejected.


Cancellations made 28 days or more before your event will result in a full refund of your deposit.

Alternatively, subject to availability, you may move your session to another date without the loss of your deposit.


You will be sent a confirmation email moments after you book. Please check your junk and spam folders for it as unfortunately they sometimes go there. If you’re paying by bank transfer, please reply to this email to confirm that you have paid. You must also reply to this email to confirming numbers on the Monday before the party. Failure to do so may result in you being charged for the number you booked for or there may be a lack of equipment which will result in some of your players having to sit out.

Picnic Area

We have a covered shelter with 3/4 picnic tables in and an outdoor picnic area. These cannot be reserved, but you may use them for birthday cake for 30 mins after your session. Our landlord, King’s House School states that other than cake, Arush customers are not permitted to bring their own food/order pizzas to eat within the Arush area. If you would like food, our landlord states that you will have to hire a room and/or book food in the school clubhouse. If the weather is nice, we would suggest ordering pizza/bringing your own food and sitting in Dukes Meadow or along the river. However If you would like to book a room or order food from the school, please contact King’s House Sports Ground and Club House directly on 07887 796567 or email Natalie Wray on


We have 3 mini tanks so can have upto 3 driving at once, so we recommend a group size is 12 people. We can accomodate more, but this will reduce the amount of time per driver.

We can do laser and tank combos. These run at the same time, so your group will all start doing laser and then upto 3 at a time will go off and do their laps in the tank and then rejoin the laser. You must book the laser session first and note in the comments box of the booking form that you would like to add tanks.