Arush Laser Tag

laser tag 350pxLaser tag is full-on fun for anyone – male or female, from seven years old to 100. It’s a thrill-a-minute activity with laser taggers that 'shoot' totally safe infrared beams – the same as a TV remote control uses.

Playing laser tag is like stepping into a real-life video game. It's competitive, of course, but the teamplay aspect of it also helps build communication, leadership and cooperative skills.

People often confuse laser tag with paintball. In fact, Arush laser tag is very different because:

  • There’s no paint mess
  • there are no projectiles being fired at you
  • there is no charge for ammo – you don’t have to hold back on pulling that trigger!
  • you have multiple lives and health points – depending on the game, you get a number of lives as well as the chance of being revived
  • the laser taggers are accurate at long range (100m)
  • hits are instant and no disputes about whether you have been hit or not. When you’re hit, your sensors light up and your tagger lets out a loud “arghh!”, letting everyone know you are hit
  • you are much more aware of your surroundings because you don’t need goggles etc.

Laser tag is perfect for special occasions like birthday or stag/hen parties, corporate team-building events, or as a regular activity to help you keep fit. Go to our laser tag FAQs page for even more about laser tag.

Arush HQ – or Base Camp, as we call it – is at King’s House School Sports Ground in Chiswick, west London, where we are open for business seven days a week. Our prices page gives costs and our hours of business. See our contact page for directions.

Base Camp boasts a purpose-built game zone, complete with huge tractor tyres, oil drums, buildings and three abandoned cars – all of which can be used to hide behind or in!

Besides being a great venue for laser tag, the sports ground offers many other facilities. Many parents choose the birthday party teas we offer through the school. Other parents make use of the bar while we look after the kids (unless the adults are joining in too!).

For details of conference and private party facilities, plus much more, click here.

What you get

    • head sensors for 360-degree hits
    • sensor on your tagger
    • tagger has a mini computer and a screen which shows the amount of lives and ammo you have left, who shot you and other in-game and postgame stats

What you’ll do

You’ll play non-stop action packed games on our purpose-built field, giving a choice of simple attack and defend to capture the flag. When you need a break, you can relax in our base camp discussing strategy for the next game with a nice cup of tea, coffee, soft drink or confectionary.

Our highly trained marshals will explain the games and are with your throughout the day to give you an experience you’ll never forget. So even if you’ve never played before, you’ll have a day you’ll want to repeat – again and again!

So what are the objectives of the game?

Your group is split into two teams and the main objective of the game is for each team to ‘tag’ as many opponents as possible. The winning team is the team with the least amount of casualties/tagged out players.


Laser taggers fire invisible beams of harmless infrared, just like your television remote control. Players feel no pain and there is no danger to eyesight. All our marshals are trained in first aid. At the start of the day, safety procedures will be explained and, throughout the day, the marshals ensure that safety regulations are adhered to.

Book Laser Tag



10 is the minimum number of people we need to run a session. If you have less, you will have to join an existing booking.

30 is the maximum number who can play at the same time.

If, after making your booking you wish to add more players, please check availability in the website before inviting more players. If there is space, you can either contact us and we will add them, or make a booking online for the extra spaces.

If you would like exclusive/private use of HQ (i.e. not share your session with another group), you will need to book for 30 and pay for 20. It is important that you book all 30 spaces so that further bookings cannot be made, change the deposit amount and note approximate numbers in the comments box of the booking form. You can have exclusive use if you have less than 20, but you must book 30 and pay for 20.

Once you've booked you may add players, but you must first check availability on the website and either book the required number yourself or confirm to us that there is availability and we can amend your booking.

You must confirm numbers 4 days before the party.


1-9 players pay for the number of players you are booking for i.e. 1 = £22, 2 = £44 etc

10-19 players pay £220

20+/exclusive use you must pay the full amount (£400) on booking. If you have more than 20 on the day, just pay for them on the day.

Please ensure you pay the correct deposit amount. Failure to do so may result in your booking being rejected.

Picnic area

We have a covered shelter with 3/4 picnic tables in) and an outdoor picnic area. You may use these area for birthday cake/food for 30 mins (longer for a small charge) after your session. Note that we only provide picnic tables, so you must supply everything else you need. These areas cannot be reserved.

Our landlord, King's House School can provide food and a room to eat in. Please see the Parent Zone page for more information, invites, waiver forms and other info you'll need for your party.

Mini Tanks

We have 3 mini tanks so can have upto 3 driving at once, so we recommend a group size is 12 people. We can accomodate more, but this will reduce the amount of time per driver.

We can do laser and tank combos. These run at the same time, so your group will all start doing laser and then upto 3 at a time will go off and do their laps in the tank and then rejoin the laser. You must book the laser session first and note in the comments box of the booking form that you would like to add tanks.